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Clock Master
Bob Roberts Master watch and Clockmaker


Welcome to the Clock Master.


Antique clocks are treasured items that are more often than not,  passed on from one generation to the next,  so it is important to look after them whilst they are in your care.

Perhaps you have one sitting in a cupboard at home, just waiting to be “brought back to life”.


The Clock Master repairs and restores all types of clocks, for example, Grandfather clocks,  Grandmother clocks,  Mantel clocks,   Carriage clocks,  French Marble clocks,   old mechanical clocks,

and wrist watches.  Whether you require routine maintenance or a complete overhaul or restoration,  the Clock Master will be able to get your timepiece running in the best possible condition.

All complete overhauls carry a 2 year guarantee. We offer house call in certain circumstances.


With the variety of watch and clock services which we offer, and our commitment to customer satisfaction, there is no better choice for South Africa’s clock repairs than the Clock Master.

Clock Repairs in Gauteng, we do Antique clock repairs, Grandfather clock repairs, Mantle clock repairs, Cuckoo clock repairs.

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